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Presagis to Launch Worldwide Terrain Viewer Based on Unreal Engine

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Presagis to Launch Worldwide Terrain Viewer Based on Unreal Engine

Presagis has announced ORB ViewR – a free, standalone application powered by Unreal Engine that gives users the ability to explore their worldwide synthetic terrains through photo-realistic renderings with round-earth support, and out-the-window views with the smooth, seamless performance inherent with gaming technology.

Developed by Presagis, ORB ViewR will be publicly available in summer of 2019 at no cost.

“Presagis’ expertise in processing geospatial data combined with cutting-edge gaming technology is breaking barriers in the modeling and simulation industry, and giving our customers – integrators, contractors, and governments – more options, more realism, and ultimately more immersion,” says Jean-Michel Brière, President of Presagis.

Stéphane Blondin, Presagis’ Vice President of Product Management and Marketing, agrees, “Gone will be the days of crossing fingers and hoping that your synthetic environment correlates properly. Our customers will no longer need to rely on expensive software or hardware systems to view and explore their content. They will now have the ability to more easily view and validate their days and weeks of work.”

Whereas gaming applications typically embed their content, ORB ViewR is able to stream massive amounts of data from an external host. From Megacities to the One World Terrain, users will be able to interactively view, explore, and validate entire synthetic environments – regardless of size or density – with exceptional paging performance.

Initially, ORB ViewR will support OpenFlight, MetaFlight, and Open Geospatial Consortium Common Database (OGC CDB) formats, but Presagis anticipates that more formats, platforms and functionality will be available in the future.

“Our vision to bring more tools, richer assets, and, of course more capabilities to the market will be announced in 2019,” adds Brière. ORB ViewR will be provided free of charge as a ready-to-use software executable.

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