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Need for virtual site access and cloud collaboration sees 1 billion square feet of laser scan data uploaded to Cintoo Cloud


Need for virtual site access and cloud collaboration sees 1 billion square feet of laser scan data uploaded to Cintoo Cloud

Reality Data solutions provider, Cintoo, has seen 1 billion square feet (almost 100 million square meters) of laser scan data uploaded to its platform, Cintoo Cloud, since its launch just 18 months ago. This is a major milestone for the company, equating to several hundred thousand individual terrestrial laser scans uploaded, encompassing construction sites, office and retail spaces, cultural heritage sites, factories and plants. 

Reality Capture is proving to be one of the most in-demand technologies within the AEC sector as businesses digitize their job sites to produce accurate as-builts that can be shared with teams and contractors from anywhere at any time, while ensuring strict access controls. Using Cintoo Cloud, project teams can also compare laser scan data with BIM or CAD models to identify, track and rectify any issues at the planning stage or during construction. 

This demand has been fuelled by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has increased the need for job sites to be accessed virtually and for the cloud to support closer collaboration between teams as they continue to work from home.  

Cintoo Cloud’s unique point cloud-to-mesh technology transforms huge terrestrial laser scan files into mesh-based, cloud-compatible reality data that can be easily shared with project stakeholders worldwide, encouraging collaboration where it previously wasn’t possible. The result is less travel to worksites, no need for hard disks or USBs to distribute data, much easier visual interpretation of the scan data, and everyone able to work remotely on the same data concurrently for a more cohesive BIM process. 

Myles Martin, Principal of M3 Design Group, said: “We were looking for a more effective way to compare our as-builts to our BIM models and using Cintoo Cloud, we slashed the time it was taking us to look for issues or errors. We had 10-20 concurrent users every day who were all able to access our project scans and models, tag issues, assign them to team members, and export them to our issue tracking software, feeding directly into our QA/QC process.” 

Cintoo US CEO, Dominique Pouliquen, explained: “AEC businesses are turning to our platform to get value from their laser scan data. Using Cintoo Cloud, they’re able to extract meaningful information from their data and share it with everyone involved in their projects, improving collaborative Scan and BIM workflows.” 

Cintoo Cloud is at the convergence of Reality Capture and Digital Twins. For more information about the platform, visit www.cintoo.com or email sales@cintoo.com.

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